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Kite surf

kite taiba
kite taiba

In this corner of Brazil there are ideal conditions for kite surfing.
The winds are strong and constant throughout all the year.
The water temperature is virtually perfect: 28 ░ C!

Ondas do Mar is located just 200 meters from the endless beaches of Ceara:
every day, at any time, with little steps,
you will have the wind you've always dreamed of!
In addition, only 400 meters far away, is the famous Lagoa de Taiba, where the calm waters allow free styler memorable dreams and great workout for beginners.
You can indulge in every kite-fantasy ... close to your doorstep!
And then, between Taiba and Paracuru, is located Quebra Mar: you can reached it by beach or with a magnificent downwind ...
...the wind is waiting for you ...

kite taiba
kite taiba

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